Strategy “Think Tank” sessions

Strategy “Think Tank” sessions


  • Delegates will get hands on experience in applying the E.A.S.I® principles which can then be applied to their actual working/personal environment
  • They will be *exposed to and/or **work with, the following techniques:
    • **SWOT analysis
    • *How to define a realistic winning goal
    • **How to draw up a strategic thinking framework
    • *Understand the 2:3:1 Approach as it pertains to business or personal planning
  • Exposed to the BSG approach (Benefit; Stakeholder and Governance (very basic project management principles))
  • Delegates will gain valuable insight into how companies put strategy together


  • Course focus on generic topics (not company specific)
  • Delegates will not walk out with an actual plan to implement but rather have an understanding of how to put a plan together
  • Not enough time to have an in-depth discussion about chapter ‘I’ – Implementation of strategy

Duration:  1 Day (6 – 8 hours)

Course outline:

  • Welcome and context setting
  • Introduction to the E.A.S.I. ® style and relevance
  • Chapter ‘E’ – presentation
  • Individual exercise
    • Do a SWOT analysis on yourself
  • Chapter ‘A’ – presentation
  • Small group exercise 1
    • Either you can choose a ‘Goal to be achieved’ from the list available or it will be the goal for the different small groups
    • Apply a SWOT analysis on the goal
    • Apply the 6 steps to designing a Strategic framework
  • Report back to larger group
    • Highlight 1 key point per SWOT quadrant
    • Share the key points your group discovered while designing your framework
  • Chapter ‘S’ – presentation
  • Large group exercise
    • Answer the questions contained in the 2:3:1 Approach – General discussion
  • Chapter ‘I’ – BSG
  • Wrap up/Questions/Comments/Feedback
  • Close off – making sure all relevant information is obtained from the groups
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