EASIbility Team

EASIbility Team

EASIbility (Pty) Ltd

Pierre Fabe (1)      Pierre Fabe (Owner and Founder)



Call Pierre on +27 82 334 2899
Email Pierre: pierre@easibility.biz
Skype handle: easi4bsg


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Sean Lubbe:

Sean’s journey in the strategic planning field started in sales and marketing, first as a business salvage expert and then as sales manager for a national emergency care organisation. Leaving that to start his own company directing the private sector HIV response, applying strategy and strategic thinking became vital to breaking new ground in this important field. Sean’s contribution to healthcare strategy evolved into consultancy roles with Bill Gates’ Foundation, the European Union and the National Council of NGOs. As a student of Einstein’s’ philosophy in simplicity, Sean’s approach to strategic thinking is mirrored by Pierre Fabe in his Strategy is EASI. More than just believing in EASIbility, Sean has had the good fortune of being proof positive of the entire EASIbility philosophy

Call him on +27 74 402 3315
Email Sean on seanl@easibility.biz

 FranFrancoise Chauhan:

Francoise is the founder of TMG Strategic management services, recently Francoise made a very important decision to align her business with that of EASIbility to ensure we enhance the topic of Strategy. She is a keen social media guru, who has a passion for putting the ‘heart’ back into business. Francoise will soon be a director of our development arm, SSI (Sustainable Strategy Implementation)


SkylarJonathanJonathan Jacobs:

Jonathan is the founder of Skylar Investment Holdings. He wears many hats. Besides the hat of being the managing director (aka The Tea lady), he is also the deputy President of the Cape Chamber of Commerce as well as the Chairman of Business Western Cape. He is also on the board of Cape Town Tourism and Honorary Consul to Sri-Lanka. Jonathan and EASIbility have come along way together, with Skylar Investment Holdings playing a key role in keeping ‘the lights on’ for us. We use the offices of Skylar as our base of operations in the Foreshore of Cape Town.


Udesign-Border (1)JasonJason Muller:

Jason Muller and Pierre Fabe are lifelong friends, having gone to school together. Jason recently ‘retired’ and sold his highly successful business, Dynamix Training as he wanted to follow a new path. Specialising in marketing with a key focus on the use of social media, he has become EASIbility’s outsourced marketing leader. There are quite a few projects which both UDesign (Jason’s new company) and EASIbility will undertake in the new short to medium timeframe. So watch this space.



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Pierre Fabe

Call him on +27 82 334 2899
Email Pierre on pierre@easibility.biz

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