A few of our Clients….

A few of our Clients….


Below are some of our clients who have experienced the E.A.S.I style and their website details.


City of Cape Town

1) City of Cape Town – Sports and Recreational departmenthttp://www.capetown.gov.za/en/sportrecreation/Pages/default.aspx


Sanlam                             NicoLife

2) SANLAM Emerging Markets and NICO Life (Malawi)



3) ICDL – International Computer Driving Licensehttp://www.icdl.org.za/index.php



4) IIR South Africa BV – 3rd Annual Micro-Insurance conference – http://www.iir.co.za/


Food Route

5) The City of Eden (World Design Capital 2014 initiative) – The Food Routehttp://foodroute.co.za



6) Kaleidoscope – MAP; African Music Trust; MAC; Kaleidoscope Café – http://www.kaleidoscope.org.za/



7) The Communiversity of South Africahttp://www.communiversitysa.org/


8) Open Schools Worldwide (OSWW) – www.openschoolsworldwide.org/


There are other clients who we have dealt with on a one-on-one basis who experienced the E.A.S.I style for personal reasons, these we have not shown.

We are happy to share contact details should you require references. Contact us on info@easibility.biz


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