Strategy is E.A.S.I®

Strategy is E.A.S.I®

Strategy is E.A.S.I® is the first instalment in the E.A.S.I® series of books which will seek to demystify business concepts which are often not easily understood by the ‘man or woman’ in the street. Before I started working on my own, I spent several years developing strategy plans for the corporate world, so it seemed a natural progression to commence the series with a book about strategy.

Basically, the book seeks to demystify strategy. Strategy is often seen as something that is done by the ‘clever people.’ This book debunks this idea.

The book uses a simple style, calledE.A.S.I®, to explain strategy as a concept, using both business and personal examples to demonstrate how we subliminally ‘do’ strategy. The book empowers people by giving them a thorough working knowledge of strategy without drowning them in technical jargon.

Whether you are thinking of starting a business, already own one or simply wish to achieve that lifelong goal, let Strategy is E.A.S.I® be the guide to YOUR success!

Currently the E.A.S.I® series will consist of the following topics or concepts: Projects; Finance; Supply Chain managment (A recent inclusion); Marketing; Sales; Service; IT & Business; HR, Remuneration & Rewards (recent inclusion) and Communication.


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