Who are we?

Who are we?

We are often asked who are we and you may have the same question? Click on the link below is see how our company has been set up.


EASIbility Company Structure


Below are some points which will hopefully help answer this question

  • EASIbility (PTY) LTD was formed using the internationally published book Strategy is E.A.S.I® as its basis
  • E.A.S.I®, EASI® and Strategy is E.A.S.I® are registered trademarks
  • Our programs focus on practical learner-ship (being ready for practical application) which includes a strong foundation of theory – (We create the link between theory and practical readiness)
  • We have over 65 years of collective Business experience ranging from Strategy (Multi-national companies); Marketing; NGOs; Health; SME; Enterprise Development; Education)
  • Passion on empowering people through the impartation of knowledge with the right mix of practicality (e-learning/blended learning and classroom learning)
  • EASIbility seeks to be the bridge that connects Academia to the Practical world

Our specific company goals:

  • To grow EASIbility into
  • A recognised Institution where the impartation of knowledge is synonymous with E.A.S.I® learning and implementation
  • Being ‘Top of mind’ when it comes to the value attributed to learning and skills development in the fight towards upskilling our people

We also have some Higher Goals which we want to make a contribution:

  • To assist in creating an Entrepreneurial spirit
    • Through EASIbility’s offering we will create a ‘thinking culture’ in people using the E.A.S.I® style
    • Help create a culture where jobs are created not sought after
  • To encourage a culture of learning and grow skills, which will help our fight against poverty

Our Vision

  • To be a champion for poverty alleviation through Education
  • To create sustainability based on having a solid foundation
  • Achieving this by focusing on the foundational skills Transfer, Development and Mentoring

Our Mission

  • To demystify and simplify business concepts using the E.A.S.I® style

Our Mantra:

  • Empowering people through Knowledge made E.A.S.I®
  • Interested In YOU



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